Playing Summer Ball?

Can’t make it to the facility to train?  Take advantage of our comprehensive training program remotely.

  • Remote Assessment

    Our remote assessment allows each athlete to truly understand their body. In order to understand what you do and why you do it, we have each athlete undergo a physical and mechanical screen. With this information our performance coaches and strength coaches sit down to determine what the proper individualized plan should be for each athlete.

    • Comprehensive Physical Assessment
    • High Speed Video Analysis
    • Physical Adjustments Report
    • Mechanical Adjustments Report
    • Kinematic Sequence Report
    • Recorded Video Q and A

  • Remote Training

    Our remote training program addresses the physical and mechanical adjustments of each athlete, determined from your remote assessment. Whether you are just getting into the game or you are competing at an elite level, we have a training program thats designed to meet your specific throwing and training needs.

    • Virtual meeting to discuss athlete progress, goals, and expectations
    • Personalized throwing program based on athletes goals and objectives
    • Daily arm care (pre & post throw)
    • Daily personalized strength and conditioning tailored to athletes
    • Personalized mobility progression based on athletes’ physical assessment and mechanical objectives

  • Daily Arm Care

    Every arm needs to be taken care of throughout the year to decrease the chances of injury, and increase your durability and production. Our arm care program delivers diverse arrray of exercises that address the needs every arm has to stay healthy. Each week you’ll recieve new programming that emphasizes arm health from your T-Spine to your finger tips.

    • Online app integration so your program is always with you
    • Weekly arm care programming that changes to prevent plateau
    • Video instruction and demonstration of each exercise