RAS Monthly Membership: $400 per month

The RAS Membership gives Athletes access to the following:

  • Access to 1:1 throwing sessions
  • Access to strength and conditioning program (guided sessions, equipment training)
  • Access to recovery zone after every throwing session (cold plunge, sauna, cupping, stem machines, arm care, normatec equipment)
  • Access to in-house nutritionist + chef to help with nutritional program for weight gain or loss
  • Access to yoga sessions when available

Throwing sessions can be purchased by RAS Members at a discounted rate. 
Sessions are purchased in blocks of 4 or 8 and automatically renew after the final session is used.

Session booking is subject to availability.

Non-member Options

Non-members have limited access to the following services.

  • Single throwing session @ $150/session
  • Single Proteus session
  • Single Weight Room session


RAS Remote Membership: Coming Soon