Through a combination of technology, experienced coaches and data collection we assess, monitor, and progress our athletes on a weekly basis to meet the individual goals and aspirations of each RAS athlete. By understanding your personal biomechanical signature and the functional ability of your body, we build a comprehensive roadmap for success by enhancing your sport specific strength and skill. Since every athlete is unique, we do not take a one size fits all approach. Every athlete receives a custom performance plan tailored to their goals, needs, schedule, and physical abilities.





Andy Schweikert
Andy Schweikert
Strength and Conditioning Coach

Andy is a native Phoenician with a wide range of experience working with athletes of multiple disciplines. After graduating from Northern Arizona University with a BS in Exercise Sciences, he became a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the National Strength and Conditioning Association. From there he went on to work for performance studios developing periodization programs for power athletes, which include baseball, golf, hockey, volleyball, soccer and gymnastics, and endurance athletes, which include swimming, cycling, and running. This is where he developed his philosophy of enhancing the performance of athletes by tailoring their mobility, strength, and endurance to their individual sport. With a passion for working with rotational athlete’s, he then became certified through Titleist Performance Institute and OnBase University specializing as a fitness professional for golfers and baseball players. As a strength coach for RAS he believes deeply on the principle of using the science of exercise physiology and biomechanics to teach each athlete how to become their own best coach.

Casey Upperman
Casey Upperman
Founder / Performance Coach

Born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona, Casey fell in love with the game of baseball when he was just five years old. After attending Notre Dame Prep in Scottsdale, Arizona, he was selected by the Atlanta Braves in the 2009 MLB Draft. Forgoing his commitment to the University of Arizona, he decided to attend Yavapai College to have the ability to enter the Draft the following year. He was selected by the Arizona Diamondbacks in the 2010 MLB Draft and signed his first professional contract. Playing Professionally from 2010-2017, he spent time with the Arizona Diamondbacks, Washington Nationals, and Baltimore Orioles. As his playing career was winding down due to durability and injury issues, he decided there had to be a better way to help pitchers reach their goals and have more control of their future and dreams. After spending four years in Los Angeles with Dr. Tom House and the National Pitching Institute, he realized that there is a tangible, data driven alternative to rotational athletic training that starts with the player understanding how to be their own best coaches and building a process that works for them. Since then, Casey has become a Certified Pitching Instructor through the National Pitching Association, a Titleist Performance Institute Certified Instructor, OnBaseU Certified Pitching Instructor, along with serving as Varsity Pitching Coach at Notre Dame Prep (2014-2017) He currently lives in Phoenix with his two dogs, Fitz and Floyd. In 2019 Casey joined the Oakland A’s as their Throwing Performance Coach.

"Working with the guys at RAS provided me with not only the tools and guidance to polish up before Spring Training, but also a fun and competitive environment that promotes growth in all aspects. The athletes and instructors you will work with will continue to push you daily because they want to see you succeed, not because you pay them. That is the biggest separator between RAS and other facilities in my eyes."

Travis Kuhn

Seattle Mariners
"I spent about 3 months at RAS over the extended COVID off-season. I left with my body, especially core, much stronger than I ever have been, along with identifying inefficiencies in my movement patterns. The pitching side I developed two breaking balls that I never felt comfortable with before, as well as increasing fastball velocity. Casey and Andy push you to be your best everyday. It’s an awesome environment to train in!"

Garrett Hill

Detroit Tigers
"Rotational Athlete Solutions is by far the best place to go to be the best you can be. Whether it’s facilities or coaching you are looking for, you won’t find anywhere better. They helped me immensely coming back from Tommy John and now I am the best I have ever been. If you take your craft seriously, then RAS is the place to be."

Gus Varland

Los Angeles Dodgers
"Rotational Athlete Solutions has helped me many ways both mentally and physically. When I first arrived at RAS, I had many flaws in my body, mechanics, mindset, etc. Quickly I started to see improvements not only with my velocity, but also in my pitch sequencing and overall understanding of throwing and the most efficient movements of the body to allow me to reach my full potential. In addition to the unbelievable help in the throwing aspect, with Rapsodo, plyocare balls, and many more accessories, I also was provided with my own personalized plan which has allowed me to get stronger and leaner in the weight room. Over the past year, I began lifting with professional athletes and I quickly learned that as a highschooler, I was able to keep up with the pros. RAS has helped me substantially improve from an average player, to a college athlete and playing in college would not be possible without the help of RAS."

Max Zdimal

Princeton Tigers
“RAS has everything an athlete needs rolled into one facility. The coaches are 100% invested in each individual client. Whether you train remotely or in person, you will receive the attention you need to improve. I had a great experience and look forward to working with them more.”

Zack Erwin

Clemson University/Oakland Athletics
“Rotational Athlete Solutions is a business where the objective is not only to throw hard, but also to maximize athlete’s full potential. The staff focuses on individual goals that are challenging but attainable. They do a great job in person and online. If you want to put your body in an optimum position for success, RAS is the best resource for serious athletes.”

Bryce Conley

Georgia State University/Oakland Athletics
“I’ve been working with Rotational Athlete Solutions for a couple months now. Casey (owner) has been extremely professional and personal in all of my contact with him. Andy (trainer) has been phenomenal in building my training/workout plans and has been helping me come back stronger than ever from a minor injury and has also helped me become a stronger and more agile athlete specific to tennis (my sport). Bottom line, these two have been amazing.”

Grace Koester

“Throughout my three months with RAS, I have developed far more than I could have imagined. I started in the beginning of the summer and my top fastball velocity was 84 mph. I had pretty good accuracy and a decent changeup, which helped me be relatively successful in the past. After an initial assessment, Casey and Andy put together a 12-week program for me. Andy focused on strengthening a couple of my weak areas, including my ankle which I previously injured and did not realize was costing me MPH in my delivery. In addition to strengthening these weak areas, and improving my flexibility, Andy helped me put on 10 pounds during the 12-week program. Casey focused on my mechanics and my pitching mindset. He gave me drills to work on each week and built off of these drills throughout the 12-week program. The results of the RAS program have been amazing and were accomplished in a very short period of time. I reached my life-long goal of throwing 90 MPH, which was a 6 MPH gain from the beginning of the program. On top of adding 6 mph to my fastball, RAS has helped me to develop a curveball that I am now highly confident in throwing in any count. My changeup is now consistently being thrown at the same velocity that my fastball was sitting at when I first showed up 3 months ago. On top of developing all of my pitches, RAS has provided me with a pre-throwing routine that gets me warmed up to throw, builds arm strength, and also helps to prevent injury.

At the end of summer, I head back to college at Bentley University in Boston. To help me to continue to develop, Casey and Andy have developed a program that I can do remotely. They have provided me with the workout equipment to take with me and an on-line workout program that is developed specifically for me that I can do wherever I am. The software also allows me to add video of my pitching to make sure there are no flaws developing in my mechanics.

Casey and Andy care very much about each of their athletes. They take tremendous pride in their work and create a fun environment to work in. I cannot thank Casey and Andy enough for developing me as much as they have over the past 12 weeks. I look forward to what I can accomplish by continuing to work with RAS in the future.”

Zach Zdimal

Notre Dame Prep/Bentley University