strength training


FOCUS: Mental preparation gives you the edge. Understand what you need to achieve that day and focus on your body during every movement.
DEDICATION: Becoming a better athlete doesn’t live solely in the gym. Doing what is prescribed to you outside of the gym is what takes your game to the next level.
ENVIRONMENT: Push each other to be their best. You are a product of your environment, and you attribute it to it. We lift each other up and push to be our best every day.

Training Philosophy

We provide both in-person and remote training options to fit your everyday schedule. Whether you prefer to train in-facility or on your own, we have your training covered.

Your athleticism should be built upon a strong foundation. Determined from your assessment, our programming focuses on developing you as an athlete. Whether your weakness is strength and power, mobility and stability, or agility and coordination, we have your training covered.

Understanding your body is the foundation of a well-rounded athlete. Our assessment not only allows us to tailor your training program but also serves as a teaching tool for you to understand exactly where you need to focus your training.

Your joints create the framework of your body. It requires a balance of mobility and stability in key areas to develop and maintain a durable body. A body that stays healthy and strong enough to stay in the line-up and produce.

Being strong and powerful are essential ingredients of every rotational athlete. When paired with efficient timing and sequencing, it takes you from being an average player to a stand out explosive prospect.

The foundation of athleticism is being able to display a proficiency of movement. Agility and coordination are at the heart of efficiently moving around the field. They make you into an athlete that stands out from the rest.

Training Options

Built for our youth athletes ages 10-15, this program lays down the foundation of athleticism for future development. This window of trainability is a crucial time for every youth athlete. It’s the perfect time to start developing motor control, a fundamental understanding of major movement patterns, and kinesthetic body awareness.

Built for our high school athletes, this arm care and strength program is tailored to the specific demands of each season. This program focuses on developing speed, strength, and power, all while addressing each athlete’s specific needs found in their assessment.

Built for our college and professional athletes, this arm care and strength program is unique for each athlete and the specific demands of each season. Programs are built for all training seasons and take into account game and sport specific throwing routines.