At RAS we don’t believe there is one way to pitch. We believe there is an infinite number of ways to pitch. But we do believe that there is one efficient way for each player to pitch and it is based on what they can do physically.


  • MEASURE: Using a comprehensive initial assessment, utilizing Trackman training, we evaluate the baseline of your physical movements, on-field ability and mental emotional capacity.
  • UNDERSTAND: Analyzing the data collected during your initial assessment, we develop a personalized progression program for each athlete to enhance their performance.
  • IMPROVE: Using your progression program, our Coaches work together to ensure you stay healthy and reach your goals.
  • MAXIMIZE: Evaluating the data collected from your initial assessment and weekly performance reports, we consistently update your progression program to maximize your overall performance and prevent injuries.


Individual Pitching Assessment

Our in-person pitching assessment is a comprehensive dive into understanding the workings of each athlete. In our facility, you will receive a physical and mechanical screen, as well as, Trackman readings, high speed video analysis, kinematic sequencing report and a 1-on-1 session with a performance coach. During your session with a performance coach we'll breakdown our findings and guide you in achieving your objectives.

  • Comprehensive Physical Assessment
  • High Speed Video Analysis
  • Trackman Readings
  • Mechanical Adjustments
  • Kinematic Sequence Report

Private Pitching Lesson: 1 hours

Each private pitching lesson is done in-facility with one of our trained pitching coaches. During each lesson, djustments and philosophies are addressed and explained so each athlete leaves understanding what they are doing and why they're doing it. This allows each athlete to start becoming their own best coach.

  • Comprehensive warm-up
  • Pre/Post throw arm care
  • Bullpen with Trackman
  • High speed video with biomechanical analysis
  • 1-on-1 meeting with video and Trackman breakdown

Small Group Pitching Package

Our in-facility training is done in a small group setting. Each athlete follows their own throwing and training program while surrounded by like minded peers. This environment allows each athlete to compete every day to be a better athlete, while providing the accountability to get things done at a high level of standards.

  • Personalized throwing program based on athletes goals and objectives
  • Daily arm care (pre & post throw)
  • Daily personalized strength and conditioning tailored to athletes
  • Personalized mobility progression based on athletes' physical assessment and mechanical objectives
  • Package includes a 4 week in-facility and remote training programming