TAP™ Shoulder Tube

TAP™ Shoulder Tube


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The TAP™ Shoulder Tube provides the overhand athlete an ideal way to condition and prepare the shoulder for athletic activity. The device is hand held and the athlete shakes it in a rhythmic motion keeping the arm stiff so that the movement is created and controlled by the shoulder. The more energy the athlete uses to move the shaft the greater the flex in the shaft, requiring the shoulder to have greater force output in order to control the shaft’s movement. Controlling the unpredictable omni-directional movement of the device’s end-weights as it is being moved dynamically through various ranges of motion requires greater muscle involvement than predictable bi-directional vibration devices, forcing dynamic stability of the shoulder while providing increased blood-flow and improving flexibility.

The TAP™ Shoulder Tube is an excellent option for (A) warming up an athlete’s shoulder to prepare for the demands of throwing, (B) cooling down and recovery exercises to flush the arm after throwing, and (C) conditioning the arm on non-throwing or offseason days. The TAP™ Shoulder Tube’s construction permits athletes to exercise the shoulder at a self-determined intensity regardless of their size or strength, thereby allowing muscularly healthy users to train at the resistance that is perfectly matched to their size, strength, and muscle endurance.


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