Rebounders Mini-Trampoline


Rebounders Mini-Trampoline


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The Mini-Trampoline Rebounder was built for the player that wants to take their warm-up routine & post-throwing recovery regimen to the next level!

The Mini-Trampoline Rebounder is designed to be used in conjunction with our very own Plyo Ball Throwing Set. This combo is geared to strengthen the posterior shoulder muscles and rotator cuff; an absolute necessity for any athlete who makes a repetitive overhead throwing motion.

Incorporate the Mini-Trampoline Rebounder into your warm-up routine or post-throwing recovery regimen. These exercises can easily be incorporated into any arm care program to reduce recovery time and optimize opportunities. Most importantly, you’ll get the most out of your preparation!

Our Mini-Trampoline Rebounder is built to take on the most rigorous training regimen. Its versatility allows continuous usage by an individual or a whole team. Each Mini-Trampoline Rebounder is lightweight, collapsible and portable; weighing-in at less than 5 pounds!

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