Leather Wrist Weight Set


Leather Wrist Weight Set


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Our set of 5.5 lb Leather Wrist Weights are designed for comfort and durability. Our easily adjustable straps ensure that you’re maximizing each workout in the most efficient way possible. You’ll enjoy the comfort and durability of our leather as you push your training to new heights!

What purpose do Wrist Weights serve in an arm care regimen? Simply put, Wrist Weights are incorporated to improve strength and the overall form that comes with the functional movements used in throwing.

When doing exercises with the wrist weights, you will build up strength and athletic range of motion (AROM) in your upper back, shoulder, upper-arm, elbow area and forearms. As seen in our video library, you can use Wrist Weights for recovery exercises, as well as warm up exercises. By building up the muscles in your arm and necessary supporting areas, you will decrease the chance of injury and fatigue.

Each set of Leather Wrist Weights is 11 lbs. (5.5 lbs. PER wrist weight) & comes with two separate carry bags for transportation: one for each weight. Our goal is to provide a dry, portable storage bag to ensure you get the most out of each set!

Training with this tool will aid in your overall athletic development & prepare you for whatever the day calls for!


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